You're one click away from experiencing a pain-free cycle!


Here you can find an assortment of natural/non-toxic products. Our signature products are Reign Sanitary Napkins & Liners, a non-toxic alternative to traditional pads. Reign pads are infused with Prize Winning material "Graphene". Our pads offer a 3-dimensional layer, and leak guard sides for extra protection against leakage.


"I am pleased with your facewash! I was already using it because I love how smooth and dewey my skin feels afterwards, but something happened that made me love it even more! i started to develop an allergic reaction to a set of falsies that I was wearing and try as I may, I could not get them off! I decided to try your awesome facewash and voila! They slid right off! Oh, the relief! I followed it with  your serum and I am glowing!!! I am so happy with your products! Thank you!!!!"


 "My 12 year old just finished today with her cycle. No pain, No cramps and no blood clots, I could not believe it! She  experienced having her cycle a month before she turned 11'.  I've always had to give her medicine for her cycle. I am one Happy Mom. She normally would wear teen pads.  I ordered her the pink pack of Jewel and I ordered the black pack of overnight but I have not had a chance to use yet. 

One Happy Mom