• Nafeesa

    "I am pleased with your face wash! I was already using it because I love how smooth and dewey my skin feels afterwards, but something happened that made me love it even more! I started to develop an allergic reaction to a set of falsies that I was wearing and try as I may, I could not get them off! I decided to try your awesome face wash and voila! They slid right off! Oh, the relief! I followed it with  your serum and I am glowing!!! I am so happy with your products! Thank you!!!!"

  • -A now smooth skinned survivor

    I appreciate the seriousness and wholesomeness of this brand. Being someone who is still learning better, healthier alternatives, I'd say your butter spread has been the most rejuvenating for my body. Going through the winter dried out my skin. All those store bought lotions I tried using have just done the opposite of what they claim. You look at the ingredients, all just harmful chemicals! Meanwhile, your spread has saved my skin! I look, feel, and SMELL healthier than ever. You're my hero!!!

  • - It shall be a family affair

    I have suffered with a painful cycle most of my life. I met The Natural Pad at a pop-up. The lady shared the benefits of Reign pads. I took a chance and bought the bundle. One of the best decisions I have ever made! My cycles are no longer painful. I no longer have cramps or a heavy flow. The first month my cycle was shorter. My cycle is no longer an inconvenience in my life. In the future, my daughter and granddaughter will be using these pads!